Cynical Political Theater

Benjamin Yeaten
Episode Ten
Duration 19 Minutes

The Palestinian cause has been the cause of all the Arabs since the Israeli occupation of Palestine in 1948. But the cause has...

Episode Nine
Duration 16 Minutes


Upon the independence of the Arab states, the West began to realize that it must continue to tighten their control over the Arab...

Episode Six
Duration 20 Minutes


Iran is not an Islamic republic as some may believe. The Mullahs state is established on its hatred against Arabs. Believing...

Episode Four
Duration 31 Minutes

The Ottomans cruelly ruled the Arab world over more than 400 years and treated the regions they governed as a dairy cow. Under...

Episode Two
Duration 26 Minutes


Internal revolutions and attempts to provoke chaos and ignite civil war experienced in the Arab world have rendered the...

Episode One
Duration 35 Minutes

The show begins with calling on us to think, dialogue and renounce extremism. Following the 1973 war, the Israelis and their...

انتحار المعنى
Episode Nine
Episode Six
Episode Four